July 4th Weekend - Camping with the Powells

The crowd - Meri - 4, June, Cam - 9, Dobber, McKenna - 11, Charlotte - 3
Noel - 4, Brooks - 6, and Steve

Crazy kids - Meri, McKenna, Cam, Brooks, Noel, CJC

Putting up the tent

There was lots and lots of biking and soccer, relay races, dodge ball
swimming, dancing, walking, parachute games, movies, running around,
and one trip to the ER...

Brooks and Cam

Fire truck ride

The girls at the kids dance - Charlotte, McKenna, and Meri.
Brooks told us he was a "wicked dancer" and then proved
it with some awesome moves (reminescent of Ho and Bill J.).

Relay races - Brooks is in the white t-shirt

Uncle Dobber

More Photos