Brooks turn 7 and goes to Disney World...

We met a few characters.


Buzz Lightyear

Captain Hook. We went to the spooky halloween party at the Magic Kingdom.
all of the bad guys did a show and met the kids. Captain Hook was the least scarry
and the kids were ok meeting him. Charlotte wanted nothing to do with the BBW!

Cinderella - We met her the first day after waiting almost 20 minutes
to see her. It was all Charlotte talked about all day, "when are we going to meet

Flik - at the animal Kingdom outside of the Its tough to be a bug 3D movie ride.

Pluto at Chef Mickeys. We went to a character breakfast at the Contemporary.

Minnie Mouse. The kids wouldn't leave the restaurant until they met Minne.
Grandma hunted her down and persuaded her to meet the kids!

Snow White


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