A Virtual Tour of
Nicky's Apartment

We start with the view as you walk in the door into
the kitchen. Here we find Nicky at her kitchen table with "Smiley"


In the kitchen, looking to your right and down the hall.

Here we are standing in the kitchen and look toward the front door
which is on the other side of the fridge to the left.

Looking into the kitchen from the hallway. The first
door on the left is a walk in closet/storage space.
To the right is the laundry closet. The front door is
straight ahead on the left past the fridge.

Another and bigger view of the kitchen from the hall way.
Behind the yellow screen in the dryer and to the right
would be the table Nicky is sitting at. See below.

Notice the small table, on the table. More to follow later.

The view from the kitchen window of the parking situation.

Walking down the hall into the apartment.

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