For Mom - Thanks for all of the help with my gardens.

This is as of June 1st.

Bardo's Step in the back.

This is the view from Brooks' swing set. A rabbit has eaten all of our Veggies. I also found out that there is a fox living a few houses down. I haven't seen him yet.

Brooks' Swingset

Charlotte's swingset.

I opted for Snapdragons where the impatiens usually are. Lets see if the slugs get them.

More of the snapdragons and the Iris. I also planned one more Iris in here.

Here is the basket with only greens now

Here is the side garden. The rosebush is covered in buds, the Clamatis is covered in

Flowers and the bleeding hearts are in full bloom. I moved some Lily of the valley here

too, but it is gone by.

View of the front door. Our pots look awesome.

Dad was right these are Poppies, California Wild Poppies to be exact.

The Ferns are really moving in. The hostas are huge this year all up the driveway and look good.

After the ferns there are 2 Butterfly bushes that are just getting started, a peoney about to bloom, some lillies and Glads coming. The mailbox has a blue clamatis on it.

These are the lillys coming just up the driveway. They are already huge. The sedum and sage is also coming full speed ahead. Behind the bush is a peoney that has about 20 buds on it. Below here is the bee balm we got (to the right) then there are the big Budlea and a huge hydrangea.

Doesn't our pot look cool. I put in a blue phlox just to the left there and

there are pink cone flowers coming up/

Foxglove is about to bloom between the sedum and pink Phlox. To the front is yellow coreopisis. I also put a blue phlox in the back middle, Glads all the way to the back, a purple thing and more asters

Phlox, sage, pink cone flowers.

Here is all of the phlox we got on the front hill. As you can see it has really spread out

Pink Columbine

Blue Columbine

Can you see the thousands of buds coming. Still no new fence!!!!

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